Strategies and policies

The European Commission proposes measures to protect human health that focus on a wide range of pollution sources such as cars, industry and agricultural activities.

As air quality is a key determining factor for the quality of life in cities, the partnership on air quality works on proposals for better regulation, funding and knowledge in this area.

Main documents

Clean Air Policy Package (2013)

Cleaner air for all

Other documents

Thematic strategy on air pollution

Sustainable urban mobility plans - guidelines for development and implementation (2013)

Call for smarter urban vehicle access regulations

Decision 1386/2013/EU - general EU environnment action programme to 2020 'Living well, within the limits of our planet' (2013)

Factsheet: 7th EAP - general EU environment action programme to 2020

Urban data and studies

Main data and studies

Urban data platform

Catalogue of air-quality measures

Eurobarometer survey

Life and air quality (brochure)

Other data and studies

AQ e-Reporting


ECHI Data Tool

Air Quality Now


Air quality in Europe - 2016 report

Quality of life in European cities (2015)

Research findings in support of EU air policy review

Air pollution sources in 3 Danube-region cities: implications for implementation of air-quality directives

Funding opportunities and advice

Programmes and funding opportunities

European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI)

European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF)

European Investment Project Portal

Urban Innovative Actions (UIA)

Horizon 2020



Interreg Europe

Advice and technical assistance

European Investment Advisory Hub (EIAH)


Joint Assistance to Support Projects in European Regions (JASPERS) 



Beginner's Guide to EU Funding

Accessing regional-policy funds


Forum for air quality modelling in Europe (FAIRMODE)


European Green Capital Award (EGCA)

European Green Leaf (EGL)

CityStar (RegioStars)

European Mobility Week Award

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan Award

European Capital of Innovation

Project examples

LIFE Project database

REGIO project database

Horizon 2020 database

Testing and development of air-quality mitigation measures in Southern Europe

CLEAN AIR - Clean air in Cities
Effective implementation of Air Quality Directive: networks of regional and local administrations and NGOs, capacity-building and awareness-raising

Methodology for planning local, cost-effective air-quality policies in line with national and EU action

Community-based environmental monitoring and information system focused on urban air pollution

Improving regional development policies in air-quality protection, sustainable transport and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions 

Collaborative project supported through the Commission's Energy Efficient Buildings Public Private Partnership 

Evaluation and comparison of potential air-quality policies in terms of individuals’ preferences and acceptability 

EU legislation

Legislation on air quality