Air quality in cities

Cities play a key role in improving air quality through the design, monitoring and implementation of air quality plans at local level.

Circular economy in cities

EU legislation, strategies and policies on the circular economy, funding opportunities, advice and technical assistance for local authorities.

Climate adaptation in cities

Climate adaptation strategies and policies, key documents, surveys and databases, funding opportunities.

Culture and Heritage

It helps cities to regenerate themselves, improve their creative and innovative potential, develop new and more sustainable forms of tourism.

Digital transition in cities

Cities have an opportunity to use digital technology and open data to provide better public services to citizens and create business opportunities.

Energy transition in cities

Urban areas are the places in which the greatest progress can be made on transition towards a system using a majority of renewable energy sources.

Housing in cities

Housing is a key infrastructure for cities’ economic growth and well-being of their citizens.

Innovative and responsible public procurement in cities

Public procurement is a powerful tool that cities could use to address social and environmental objectives and to do more with less.

Inclusion of migrants and refugees in cities

Cities are often the places where long term integration of migrants and refugees takes place.

Jobs and skills in the local economy

Cities play a key role in creating and supporting the right conditions for investments that lead to more and better jobs

Sustainable use of land and nature-based solutions in cities

Efficient and sustainable use of land help also creating inclusive European cities for everyone.

Urban mobility and accessibility

Urban transport and improving accessibility play a key role in achieving economic competitiveness, social cohesion and sustainable growth.

Urban poverty

Poverty has a huge impact upon cities. The EU aims to reduce poverty and improve the inclusion of people in poverty.