Strategies and policies

EU countries are responsible for their own culture-sector policies. The role of the European Commission is to help them address challenges they all face: the impact of the digital shift, changing models of cultural governance and the need to promote innovation in the cultural and creative sectors.

Context - Culture in cities and EU policies

Context - Strategic framework for EU's cultural policy

European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

Communication: European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage (2018)

Council conclusions: Work Plan for Culture 2019 - 2022 (2018)

Communication: New European Agenda for Culture (2018)

Communication: Towards an EU strategy for international cultural relations (2016)

Communication: Towards an integrated approach to cultural heritage for Europe (2014)

Communication: Promoting cultural and creative sectors for growth and jobs in the EU (2012)

European Agenda for Culture (2007)

Urban data and studies

EU Statistics in the field of culture

Voices of Culture – The role of culture in non-urban areas

Voices of Culture – Culture and Sustainable Development Goals: challenges and opportunities

Voices of Culture – Status and working conditions of artists and cultural & creative professionals

Report - From social inclusion to social cohesion: the role of cultural policy

Report - Sustainable cultural tourism

Report - Participatory governance of cultural heritage

Report - The role of public policies in developing entrepreneurial and innovation potential of the cultural and creative sectors

Report - Promoting access to culture via digital means

Report – Towards gender equality in the cultural and creative sectors

Good practice report - Towards more efficient financial ecosystems - innovative instruments to facilitate access to finance for the cultural and creative sectors (CCS)

The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor

Funding opportunities and advice

Programmes and funding opportunities

European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI)

European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF)

European Investment Project Portal (EIPP)

Creative Europe

For more information and other funding opportunities, please visit our dedicated funding page.

Advice and technical assistance


Urbis is a new dedicated urban investment advisory platform within the European Investment Advisory Hub. It is set up to provide advisory support to urban authorities to facilitate, accelerate and unlock urban investment projects, programmes and platforms.

Creative Europe Desks

Joint Assistance to Support Projects in European Regions (JASPERS) 

JASPERS is the 'Joint Assistance to Support Projects in European Regions', free of charge for local authorities and promotors, which advices cities and regions on strategic planning in a wide range of sectors. It supports the preparation of projects in areas benefiting from EU funds so they meet all the necessary standards.


fi-Compass is a platform for advisory services on financial instruments and is designed to support European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) managing authorities, Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) microfinance providers and other interested parties, by providing practical know-how and learning tools on financial instruments.


Beginner's Guide to EU Funding

Accessing regional-policy funds


Creative Europe Networks supported in 2017-2021

European Creative Hubs Network

Creatives Unite COVID-19 Resource Platform

Voices of Culture - European Commission's structured dialogue with the civil society

URBACT programme for European exchange and learning


European Capitals of Culture

European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture

Young Talent Architecture Award (YTAA)

European Heritage Awards/Europa Nostra Awards

European Heritage Label

Music Moves Europe Talent Awards

Project examples

Creative Europe Project Results Platform

Cultural Heritage in Action (2020 - 2023)

Culture, Creative Sectors and Local Development - joint project of OECD and the European Commission (2020 - 2021)

Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities (2018 - 2021)

Creative FLIP - Finance, Learning, Innovation and Patenting in CCIs (2019 - 2021)

Culture for Cities and Regions (2015 - 2017)

Creative Lenses (2015 - 2019)

European Heritage Days

Crowdfunding 4 Culture (2015 - 2017)

ACCESS Culture for all (URBACT 2019-2022)

C-Change: Arts and culture leading climate action in cities (URBACT 2018-2021)

Creative Spirits: boosting entrepreneurship through creative-based urban strategies (URBACT 2016-2019)

URBACT Good Practices in Culture & Heritage