EU policies and action on promoting sustainable agriculture, including reducing emissions, biofuels and land use change.


Sources of air pollution and the EU's clean air policy.


Overview of EU policy, legislation and action for chemicals.

Circular economy

Overview of EU policy and other activities to develop a circular economy.


EU action to promote sustainable urban environments through climate change adaptation, energy-efficient buildings and green city initiatives.


EU policies to ensure European industrial activities minimise environmental impact, lower risk of industrial accidents, and provide data on pollutant emissions.

Soil and land

Overview of EU policy and action for sustainable use of soil and land.

Marine and coastal environment

EU policy on coastal and marine waters, and environmental threats to Europe's seas.

Nature and biodiversity

Overview of EU policy, legislation and action for environmental conservation and protection.


Causes, health effects and levels of noise pollution in the EU and EU noise policy.

Research and innovation

Using scientific research to inform the EU's environmental policy-making.


EU policy and legislation on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants from road transport, ships, planes and fuels.


EU legislation, policy and action on waste management, recycling, streams and treatment.


Overview of EU policy, legislation and action for water issues.