Energy label

Residential ventilation units must display a label indicating their energy efficiency on a scale from A+ (most efficient) to G (least efficient). These ratings take into account:

  • specific power input (SPI)
  • thermal efficiency of heat recovery
  • type of ventilation control
  • other factors

Ecodesign requirements

Ecodesign requirements covering energy efficiency and product information apply to ventilation units sold in the EU for use in residential and non-residential buildings.

Energy savings

Ventilation systems in buildings replace 'used' air with fresh air from outside. This is often done using ventilation units: these consist of fans, motors, electronic controls and other devices (such as heat recovery systems) and are connected to buildings by air inlets and outlets or ventilation ducts.

Ventilation units consume more than 2% of all electricity in the EU, and are amongst the biggest consumers of indoor electricity, after heating and cooling, and lighting.

By using more efficient ventilation units, European citizens will save 1300 PJ in energy use each year by 2025. This is equivalent to the annual gross energy consumption of Austria or Greece. It will also result in up to €26 billion of savings for consumers.