Ecodesign requirements

Enterprise servers and data storage products, which cover so-called business-to-business computers typically found in data centres and server rooms of companies, sold in the EU are subject to rules laid out in the Regulation on ecodesign requirements for servers and data storage products EU 2019/424

The objective of the regulation is to limit the environmental impact of these products with a set of rules on energy efficiency, such as minimum efficiency of the power supply units and minimum server efficiency in active state, maximum consumption in idle state and information on the product operating temperature.

The regulation also takes into account circular economy aspects such as extraction of key-components and of critical raw materials, availability of a functionality for secure data deletion and provision of the latest available version of firmware.

Please note that Regulation (EU) 2019/424 undergoes an amendment procedure. The draft ecodesign amendment has been voted positively by Member States.

Energy savings

Switching to products that comply with the ecodesign rules will lead to electricity savings of up to 9TWh/year, approximately the yearly electricity consumption of Estonia in 2014. It will also lead to greenhouse gas emission reductions of up to 3 Mton CO2 equivalent per year.


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