Energy label

Lighting products come with energy labels and information printed on the product. The rating system ranges from A++ (the most efficient) to E (the least efficient).

The European Commission provides tools for generating energy labels for products on the EU market.

Create a lighting label

Ecodesign requirements

Ecodesign requirements are mandatory for all standard bulbs, fluorescent lamps, and spot lights sold in the EU. These regulations set energy efficiency requirements and other factors such as bulb lifetime and warm-up time.

Energy savings

With energy efficient lighting, household electricity bills could fall by €25 per year. By substituting a halogen lamp with an LED, you could save up to €100 over the product's lifetime of around 20 years.

Energy efficient lighting could save enough energy to power 11 million households for one year and avoid the emission of 12 million tonnes of CO2 in Europe.

Emergency lighting and some LEDs designed for very specific uses and sold in very small quantities per year (less than 200) are excluded from these regulations.