Imaging equipment covers copy machines, multifunctional devices (MFDs), printers and fax machines.

Voluntary agreements

Imaging equipment are covered by a voluntary agreement. A voluntary agreement is proposed by industry sectors and works as an alternative to EU ecodesign regulations. Through this self-regulation, industries may achieve ecodesign objectives more quickly or at a lesser expense compared to mandatory requirements. The signatories to the agreement control its implementation.

The voluntary agreement for imaging equipment covers energy efficiency, resource efficiency and information for end-users.

The European Commission monitors and assesses the agreement as they need to fulfil some criteria of the Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC).

Together with industry partners, the Commission has made guidelines for self-regulation measures under the ecodesign directive.

Energy savings

This voluntary agreement is estimated to bring annual energy savings of 10 TWh per year from 2020.