Energy labels

Air conditioners come with an energy label showing their energy efficiency, which includes information on the energy rating of their cooling and heating functions and indications of their hourly or annual energy consumption and also their sound levels.


Ecodesign requirements for minimum energy performance, maximum sound levels and product information apply to air conditioners and comfort fans sold in the EU. The requirements apply to air conditioners with a rated capacity of smaller than or equal to 12 kW for cooling (or heating if there is no cooling function) and to comfort fans with an electric fan power input smaller than or equal to 125W. Non-electric appliances and air conditioners which do not use air as a heat transfer medium are excluded from the scope of this regulation.

Energy savings

Air conditioners are subject to EU ecodesign requirements. These are expected to save 11 TWh and nearly 5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually by 2020; this is equivalent to the annual emissions of 1000 cars. An air conditioner manufactured in accordance with these requirements will save €340 on energy bills during its lifetime.