Promote language learning and translation

If Europeans are to be 'united in diversity', as the EU’s own motto puts it, we need to be able to understand languages other than our own.

If you have a thirst for foreign languages, our annual Juvenes Translatores translation contest, which started in 2007, is here to help.

In the long run, learning languages will bring us closer and help us understand each other’s cultures. And it will make it easier for you — tomorrow’s adults — to study and work around Europe.

Studies show the ever-growing need for translation and translators in Europe. It’s useful for language students to be prepared for this! Juvenes Translatores raises awareness of the importance of translation skills and the need to reassess translation — as a means of ‘mediating’ between languages — in the context of language learning.

Help teachers and pupils

Some schools hold their own pre-selection tests, both to ensure that they put their best pupils forward for the contest and to involve more than the 5 pupils who are selected to participate officially. Initiatives like this can become a celebration of translation and languages in a school, involving teachers and students from different classes.

Promote joint activities with schools abroad

Juvenes Translatores has also proven to be a springboard for other ventures involving languages and culture. Some participating schools, for instance, have started organising educational exchanges.

Another option that could be of interest to your school is eTwinning.

And finally, why not check out our Facebook page? That way you can keep up with the latest news about the contest and share your ideas with other participants.