Virtual classes

Virtual classes are designed to supplement on-site training assistance if and where needed.

We offer interactive virtual classes where our experienced interpretation trainers guide and/or assess students remotely via video conferencing.

Virtual Classes require an existing, compatible video-conference system. About 35 universities around the world have already joined our 'virtual classroom'.

Video about virtual classes

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Speech Repository 2.0

Speech Repository is an e-learning tool developed by the Directorate-General for Interpretation which provides audio-visual training material for conference interpreting students and trainers.

It contains a collection of recordings, either excerpts of conferences or other public meetings as well as training speeches made by interpreters from the European institutions. These are organised by language, level of difficulty, type of interpreting mode and subject.

You have immediate access to around 3,000 speeches. It covers all 24 official EU languages, the languages of some of the candidate countries, plus Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

About my speech repository - video

Speech repository



SCICtrain contains a number of videos for students and trainers which cover the wide array of interpretation techniques, tools and resources. 

SCICtrain: Training modules for interpreting students

Practice resources

ORCIT: Online Resources for Conference Interpreter Training

CVCE: Centre virtuel de la connaissance sur l'Europe

Wake Forest University collection of speeches

European Commission Audiovisual Services


Council streaming