Module 1: SCIC and the SCICtrain project

Conference interpreter training with theoretical presentations, practical tips and demonstrations.

Module 2: What is interpretation?

The basic principles of interpreting, how they have been established, and how they are taught in modern times.

Module 3: Learning to interpret

Videos relating to speechmaking, skill acquisition and preparation techniques.

Module 4: Working as an interpreter

What the professional life of an interpreter looks like shown through videos on professional ethics and being prepared for meetings.

Module 5: Consecutive interpretation

A virtual video library with active listening, analysis/synthesis, note-taking methods, communication and expression.

Module 6: Simultaneous interpretation

Standard interpretation mode in multilingual meetings: specificities, problem-solving, and communicating with an audience.

Module 7: Retour interpretation: B-language

Retour interpretation, relays, whispering, video conferences and other specific situations demonstrated through video clips.

Module 8: Accreditation test

Our virtual video library debunks the myths on tests and gives tips on being the ideal candidate.

Module 9: Mock conferences and other practice speeches

Ad-hoc videos of mock conferences filmed by interpreters to facilitate practice