LIND - Web - purpose and scope

  • statistics and surveys on the language industry as an economic sector
  • best practices and guidelines
  • upcoming events
  • information on work placements

'Language industry' covers professionals working in

  • translation
  • interpreting
  • subtitling and dubbing
  • localisation
  • language technology tools development
  • international conference organisation
  • language teaching
  • linguistic consultancy

Sharing knowhow

Our knowledge base is built with the input from language professionals. You can look for or upload documents in any EU language. We welcome your contribution.

Directorate-General for Translation (DG Translation) manages and checks the quality of the uploaded material.

LIND-Web is a spin-off of the study size of the EU language industry.

Work placements

Students who are studying in a European Master's in Translation (EMT) programme can apply for a work placement in the language industry. 

This work placement is made possible with the collaboration with our partner organisations.


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