Supporting public administrations in EU Member States to deliver reforms and prepare for the future

Public administrations are the bodies that at national, regional and local level, deliver crisis response, provide services and substantially contribute building the resilience needed for the sustainable development of the European economy. Good public administration enables economic prosperity, social progress and fairness.

The document highlights five major challenges to which public administrations need to adapt:

  • the unprecedented speed of technological change,
  • the impact of demographic changes and the increasing skills shortage,
  • the increasing complexity of managing policy issues,
  • the impact and importance of the green transition and
  • the increasing competition for limited public funds.

The Commission has been actively cooperating with the Member States to have quality public administration, through:

  • the identification of critical issues,
  • the support to the design and deployment of reforms,
  • the provision of capacity-building tools and of (peer-based) guidance,
  • the facilitation of exchange of knowledge and experience,
  • financial support and
  • the promotion of research and innovation in the area of public administration.

Commission services are fully committed to continue their cooperation with national administrations along these lines; they also want to ensure consistency between the values and principles discussed with the Member States and the neighbour countries, and also to align themselves to the good practices identified.