Helping EU Member States to design and carry out reforms

The Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM) helps EU Member States carry out reforms to support job creation and sustainable growth. The support is primarily provided through the Technical Support Instrument (TSI).

EU Member States can request technical support under the TSI to:

  • implement resilience-enhancing reforms in the context of EU economic governance, such as those arising from country-specific recommendations under the European Semester and by virtue of implementing EU law
  • prepare, amend, implement and revise national recovery and resilience plans under the Recovery and Resilience Facility
  • implement economic adjustment programmes
  • implement reforms undertaken at their own initiative

Reforms are vital to encourage investment, unlock the growth potential, raise living standards and support the process of convergence in the EU.

Support offered

Support is available to all EU Member States, upon request. Support may be provided in particular – but not exclusively – in the context of EU economic governance processes.

Technical support may be provided by DG REFORM itself, by staff from other Commission services, by national experts, international organisations, public bodies and/or experts from the private sector.


DG REFORM was created in January 2020, taking over the mandate previously carried out by the Structural Reform Support Service. DG REFORM also coordinates the Commission's efforts to support the process led by the United Nations for the reunification of Cyprus.