Designing a conference facility

The Directorate-General for Interpretation regularly shares its knowledge with architects, builders, promoters of public and private conference rooms and convention centres.

Our specialised team checks that all meeting rooms from where our interpreters work, in Europe and abroad, are compliant with the relevant ISO standards and our specifications. 

The interpretation department can be consulted for general advice on meeting rooms, in particular how to apply the international standards in practice. It can also offer advice on integrating new technologies such as virtual meeting platforms with interpretation into an existing meeting room environment.

Interpreting booths

The Technical Compliance Team works to reinforce the standards that ensure excellent working conditions for interpreters and help provide delegates with interpretation of the highest quality.

Interpreting booths need to be soundproofed, air conditioned, well-lit, equipped with ergonomic chairs and need to offer a direct and complete view of all delegates.

ISO-standards have been established for permanent and mobile interpreting booths, as well as for conference and interpreting equipment:

  • ISO 2603:2016 – Simultaneous interpreting – Permanent booths – Requirements 
  • ISO 4043:2016 – Simultaneous interpreting – Mobile booths - Requirements 
  • ISO 20108:2017 – Simultaneous interpreting – Quality and transmission of sound and image input – Requirements
  • ISO 20109:2016 – Simultaneous interpreting – Equipment – Requirements
  • ISO 22259:2019 – Conference systems – Equipment – Requirements


Technical Compliance Team

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Directorate General for Interpretation
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