Buildings policy

Memo on the adoption of a guide to the Commission's architectural policy

Guide to the Commission's architectural policy

Memo on prospecting and negotiating for buildings

Buildings policy paper

Policy paper on buildings and infrastructure in Brussels

Buildings standards

Reference documents on rules applicable to standard building (MIT) and buildings policy for Commission departments and external property developers, as well as technical characteristics to be met by Commission buildings.

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The following documents aim to improve transparency and provide stakeholders with clearer and more detailed information on the general principles and contractual conditions that the Commission wishes to be respected.

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Measuring Code

The Measuring Code and its annex are applicable to Commission buildings in Brussels. By systematically using this code, we ensure the same surveying system is used for buildings with very different architectural design.

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Graphic Charter

This document gathers the software design conventions for the AutoCad maps (available in French).

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Community eco-management and audit scheme

Commission Decision on the application by the Commission services of the Community eco-management and audit scheme (EMAS)