DIGIT is the Directorate-General for Informatics whose aim is to deliver digital services to enable EU policies and to support the Commission’s internal administration. CERT-EU is part of DIGIT. CERT-EU is the Computer Emergency Response Team for the Institutions, Bodies and Agencies of the European Union. CERT-EU helps them to protect themselves against intentional and malicious attacks that would hamper the integrity of their IT assets and harm the interests of the EU. The scope of its activities covers prevention, detection, response and recovery.

We wish to hire an Operational Cooperation Officer to join our Ă©lite Cooperation team, which operates as an interface between the technical and the operational cybersecurity community, ensuring the efficient cooperation of the various stakeholders, such as the European Commission, the European External Action Service, ENISA, Europol, the CSIRTs Network, NATO and other key cybersecurity players worldwide.

If you are interested to join #teamDIGIT, check out our vacancy below:

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