About this consultation

Consultation period
25 July 2017 - 30 November 2017

Consultation outcome

Target group

The consultation is targeted at economic operators involved in building of and trading in passenger ships below 24 meters in length (referred thereafter as small passenger ships), such as shipyards, designers, owners and operators thereof.

All other stakeholders can contribute to this consultation as they feel fit.

Objective of the consultation

This targeted consultation has been launched to collect views of economic operators on the extent to which common EU rules for small passenger ships could facilitate the internal market with small passenger ships. The consultation also aims at gathering anecdotal evidence in support thereof and the respondents are therefore welcome to expand on their answers in the text boxes foreseen for this purpose. At the end of the questionnaire, it is also possible to upload supporting documents to complement the contribution.

This consultation complements the ongoing targeted consultation with national authorities and stakeholders that focuses on the technical development of the safety goals and functional requirements themselves. All consultation results will feed into the Commission's analysis.

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Additional information

This initiative aims at facilitating access for EU manufacturers to the wider EU market. It follows on the recommendations of the Fitness Check on EU passenger ship safety legislation driven by the Commission's Regulatory Fitness and Performance (REFIT) Programme.

The fitness check showed that every EU Member State has a different approach to regulating the safety of small passenger ships operating domestically, leading to differences in measures, approaches and interpretations. Therefore, if the ships are built in another Member State than that in which they are operated, or are resold to another Member State, they may need to be modified and re-certified – with the associated additional resources that this implies.

Furthermore, the prescriptive regulatory approach based on international SOLAS Convention proved to be ineffective in regulating the wide variety of small ship designs, uses and materials. The Commission therefore envisages addressing the safety of these vessels in a different, more adequate manner by shifting to performance based rules. This approach could allow sufficient flexibility for manufacturers and regulators while setting a common safety benchmark.

More information on this initiative can be found in the roadmap.