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Consultation period
17 July 2018 - 23 October 2018
Institutional affairs

Responses to this consultation

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Consultation outcome

Further information on this consultation is provided below.

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Target group

All citizens, organisations and public authorities with an interest or experience in EU policy-making are welcome to contribute to this public consultation.

Contributions are also sought from parties with specific experience in better regulation tools such as impact assessment, stakeholder consultation, and evaluation.

Objective of the consultation

The consultation aims to assess how well the various better regulation tools used by the Commission work in practice and contribute to achieving the objectives of its better regulation policy. These tools include evaluation of existing policies and programmes, impact assessment, and stakeholder consultation.

The focus of this exercise will be on the changes introduced and/or updated by the better regulation package of May 2015: evaluation, impact assessment, stakeholder consultation, the Regulatory Scrutiny Board, the REFIT Platform and the REFIT Programme.

This exercise will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the current system and identify areas for improvement.

How to submit your response

You can contribute to this public consultation by filling out the online questionnaire. The questionnaire is accessible in all official EU languages. Replies may be submitted in any official EU language.  

The questionnaire is divided into 7 short sections. Most questions are optional. Questions marked with an asterisk are compulsory.

It will take about 20 minutes to answer the questionnaire. You may pause the questionnaire at any time and continue later. You can upload a position paper at the end should you so wish. Once you have submitted your answers, you can download a copy of your completed responses. 

All replies will be published on the internet. Please see the privacy statement for information on how your personal data and your reply will be dealt with. 

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Additional information

As part of the European Transparency Initiative, the Commission asks organisations (including NGOs, trade associations, enterprises etc.) who wish to participate in public consultations to provide the Commission and the public with information about whom and what they represent, their objectives, funding and structures, by registering in the Transparency Register and subscribing to its Code of Conduct.

If you are a registered organisation, please fill in your Register ID number in the questionnaire. Your contribution will then be considered as representing the views of your organisation.

If your organisation is not registered, you have the opportunity to register now. Then return to this page to submit your contribution as a registered organisation.


Should you have a problem completing this questionnaire or if you require particular assistance, please contact:


Postal address

European Commission, Secretariat-General, Unit C1, 1049 Bruxelles, Belgium