About this consultation

Consultation period
29 June 2017 - 29 September 2017
Maritime affairs and fisheries

Consultation outcome

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Target group

Citizens and stakeholders, in particular:

  • organisations promoting networking and collaboration on maritime affairs but also civil society organisations working on preservation of marine and coastal environment and social cohesion in the EU coastal regions bordering the Atlantic ocean
  • research and academia
  • public authorities (at regional, national and local levels) working on maritime affairs in the Atlantic ocean area and/or funding projects and initiatives thereto
  • inter-governmental organisations

Objective of the consultation

​1. Gather input for the mid-term review of the Atlantic action plan, assessing the latter against the following criteria:

•    Relevance: is EU action still necessary?
•    Effectiveness: have the objectives been met?
•    Efficiency: how efficient is the implementation process and its governance structure?
•    EU added-value: can similar changes have been achieved at national/regional level, or did EU action clearly provide added-value?

2. Seek views on the issues that may need to be reviewed.

To help stimulate blue growth in the Atlantic ocean area, the Commission adopted the Atlantic strategy in November 2011, which covers the five EU countries (France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, UK) and their outermost regions in the Atlantic. To implement the strategy, the Atlantic action plan was adopted in 2013. It provides a guiding framework on how Member States, coastal regions and the Commission can support sustainable growth and drive blue economy forward, whilst preserving the environmental and ecological stability of the Atlantic. The suggested implementation approach includes calibrating existing funding instruments at national level (e.g. Operational programmes) and direct funds from the EU (incl. Horizon2020), better collaboration between stakeholders (regional and international levels) and support for project promoters via the Atlantic Assistance Mechanism.

To understand how the implementation of the action plan is contributing to achieving the EU's wider jobs, growth and sustainability objectives, the Commission committed to closely monitor the plan, draw lessons learned and assess progress made by the end of 2017 in a dedicated mid-term review. This review will take the form of a staff working document which will be the basis for discussing the future of the action plan.

How to submit your response

The European Commission encourages stakeholders to use the online questionnaire in expressing their views for the sake of transparency and ease of access.

The survey is currently available only in English. It will be accessible in 5 languages – English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish on 5 July.

Replies can be provided in one of these official EU languages.

All replies to the consultation will be made public. You can choose to have your contribution published anonymously.

In the interest of transparency, organisations are invited to provide the public with relevant information about themselves by registering in the transparency register and subscribing to its code of conduct. If an organisation is not registered, its submission is published separately from the registered organisations.

Protection of personal data & privacy statement

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