About this consultation

Consultation period
20 February 2018 - 31 May 2018
International cooperation and development

Target group

All stakeholders in beneficiary and EU countries are welcome to participate in this consultation: public national and local authorities, non-governmental organisations, academics, development agencies and bodies, think tanks, consultancies, private sector organisations, development banks and citizens.

Objective of the consultation

The Council and the European Parliament have requested an independent assessment of progress regarding the EU’s Policy Coherence for Development (PCD) commitment. An external evaluation has been commissioned by DG DEVCO to cover the period 2009-2016 and will provide stakeholders with an overall independent assessment of the EU’s actions on PCD. It will also serve to identify key lessons and produce recommendations to improve current actions and inform future choices for the EU’s approach to PCD.

The objective of this consultation is to gather feedback from the broadest possible range of stakeholders, including those in partner countries, in relation to the issues analysed as part of this evaluation. The results of this public consultation will be taken into consideration when drafting the evaluation report.

How to submit your response

You can submit your contributions via the online questionnaire.

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