About this consultation

Consultation period
23 July 2018 - 2 November 2018
Single market, Public health, Business and industry

Consultation outcome

The consultation period is over. The public consultation received 107 replies.

You can access the statistical report, the raw data as well as the position papers here.

Target group

All individuals and organisations are invited to respond to this consultation.

Objective of the consultation

 Drug precursors are chemicals that are primarily used for the legitimate (legal) production of a wide range of products, like medicine, perfumes, plastics, cosmetics etc. However, they can also be misused for the illicit (illegal) production of drugs such as methamphetamines, heroin or cocaine.

 Taking into account the wide range of legitimate uses of drug precursors, their trade cannot be prohibited. Since the early nineties, specific rules both at international and at the European Union level have been put in place to ensure that diversion of drug precursors is prevented through control of their legitimate trade at EU borders and within the EU. The legislation aims to strike a balance between the necessary control to prevent diversion of drug precursors and allowing their legitimate trade without creating unnecessary administrative burdens.

In order to assess to which extent the legislation is achieving its aim, the European Commission is carrying out an evaluation. With this public consultation we would like to get the views of those affected by the legislation, which are mainly those persons involved in the legitimate use of those chemicals. Any other interested party is also welcome to provide its input.

How to submit your response

You can reply to the questionnaire by clicking on the box ‘view the questionnaire’, below.

The questionnaire takes about 10 minutes to complete. It is accessible in all official EU languages (except Irish). Replies may be submitted in any official EU languages. Please note that due to the translation process, with the exception of the English version, all language versions will be available online 2 weeks later, from the moment the consultation is launched

Once you have submitted your answers, you can download a copy of your completed responses. Should you have a problem completing this questionnaire or if you require particular assistance, please contact: GROW-DRUG-PRECURSORS@ec.europa.eu

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Additional information

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