About this consultation

Consultation period
9 April 2018 - 15 July 2018
Culture and media

Target group

We welcome all citizens and stakeholders interested in culture to respond to this consultation. Especially we welcome those who have visited the two 2017 European Capital of Culture or are living in Denmark or Cyprus.

Objective of the consultation

The aim of this public consultation is to gather the views of all interested citizens and organisations on the role that a European Capital of Culture can play in safeguard and promote the diversity of cultures in Europe, highlight the common features they share, and foster the contribution of culture to the long-term development of cities’.  

How to submit your response

You can contribute to this public consultation by filling in the online questionnaire. Should you wish to submit your contribution in another way, please contact eac-unite-d2@ec.europa.eu

The questionnaire is accessible in English, German and French.

You may pause at any time and continue later. Once you have submitted your answers, you can download a copy of your completed responses.

You will have the opportunity to upload documentary evidence or a position paper at the end of the questionnaire. In particular, if you have specialist knowledge of the European Capital of Culture, please, share additional data to be considered in the evaluation of the action. Any uploaded documents will be considered a part of your response to the consultation.

All contributions that are received may be published on the internet. It is important that you read the specific privacy statement attached to this consultation for information on how your personal data and contribution will be dealt with.

Reference documents

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Additional information

If you have any questions regarding this public consultation, please contact DG Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, Unit D2 Creative Europe E-mail: eac-unite-D2@ec.europa.eu