About this consultation

Consultation period
9 February 2015 - 4 May 2015
Maritime affairs and fisheries

Consultation outcome

Number of responses received to this consultation: 25

Target group

All citizens and organisations.

Objective of the consultation

The current initiative was intended to contribute to delivering directly on the achievement of the common fisheries policy, in particular the long term sustainability of the stocks and the implementation of an ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management, through the achievement of the following specific objectives

  • achieve that fish stocks concerned can produce maximum sustainable yields (MSY) by 2015 where possible, or by 2020 at the latest
  • ensure high and sustainable yields for the industry, while taking in to account mixed fisheries interactions and the landing obligation
  • ensure that the relevant stocks are maintained within safe biological limits, and that stocks outside of biological limits are brought within those limits as rapidly as possible
  • minimise unwanted catches in order to facilitate the implementation of landing obligations introduced in the reformed CFP
  • establish the framework necessary for the implementation of regionalisation in the long-term management of the relevant stocks

Reference documents

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