About this consultation

Consultation period
16 June 2021 - 8 September 2021
Banking and financial services, Economy, finance and the euro

Target group

With this targeted consultation, the Commission seeks the views of a wide range of stakeholders, in particular those directly or indirectly participating in NPL secondary markets, including NPL sellers, NPL purchasers, credit institutions, asset management companies and intermediaries specialised in relevant services (e.g. advisers, transaction platforms, data warehouses, specialised NPL servicers, etc.). The Commission is equally interested in the views of organisations representing the interest of consumers (and their protection), Member States’ authorities, EU institutions and authorities as well as academics.

Objective of the consultation

This targeted consultation will inform the Commission on remaining obstacles to the proper functioning of secondary markets for NPLs as well as possible enabling actions that it could take to foster these markets by improving the quantity, quality and comparability of NPL data. The consultation will also enable the Commission to decide on whether EU coordinated action and/or policy measures are warranted in order to limit market failures in terms of information asymmetries, to increase market liquidity, to lower bid/ask spreads and hence to enable more efficient NPL markets. Ultimately, NPL markets in the EU should be transparent and liquid, so that they allow for informed trades of banks and investors that are beneficial for all stakeholders, including borrowers.

How to submit your response

Please note that in order to ensure a fair and transparent consultation process responses should be submitted through the online questionnaire.

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