About this consultation

Consultation period
17 December 2015 - 13 March 2016
Maritime affairs and fisheries

Consultation outcome

A total of 462 contributions were received: 441 replies to the online questionnaire, 16 of which from registered organisations, plus 21 contributions sent by individual stakeholders.

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Target group

All citizens, companies, organisations and public authorities.

Objective of the consultation

This public consultation was designed to support the evaluation of the fisheries control regulation, for assessing its impacts on the common fisheries policy five years after the entry into force.

The evaluation will address a range of different themes, including whether the objectives of the control regulation are being delivered, and whether the requirements of the control regulation are effective and suitable to achieve the objectives of the common fisheries policy.

This public consultation was an important part of the evaluation process to gather the views of the citizens and stakeholders on the themes addressed by the evaluation and will be complemented by targeted consultation of key stakeholders.

The Commission wanted to gather views on the following themes

  • promotion of the level playing field
  • development of a culture of compliance and respect of the common fisheries policy rules
  • new instruments of the Commission to ensure the implementation of the common fisheries policy by member states
  • simplification and reduction of administrative burden
  • others

Related legislation

Reference documents

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