About this consultation

Consultation period
1 February 2017 - 8 May 2017
Culture and media

Consultation outcome

Results of the consultation will be published on this page.

A report, to be published in the second half of 2017, will set out the conclusions and recommendations for the development of the European Parliament and European Commission communication in the EU countries.

Target group

All members of the public.

Objective of the consultation

  • Seek public opinion on how the European Parliament's and European Commission's common communication services in the EU countries are used.
  • Gather results which can be used to improve the cooperation.


  • The European Parliament Information Offices (EPIOs) and the Commission Representations (Reps) have a long history of cooperation in communicating with citizens, stakeholders and media in EU countries' capitals. Over the times this cooperation has taken different forms and there has also been various combinations of tools and services in different EU countries.
  • In 1990s, the European Parliament (EP) and European Commission (EC) decided to set up the concept of "Europa Houses" to host their offices in the same buildings in the EU countries' capitals in order to increase the visibility and coherence of the EU's presence in EU countries in the eyes of its citizens. The European Houses offer common information activities as well as events for the general public. The aim was also to achieve economies by reducing administrative expenditure by sharing common premises. Nowadays, the EC and the EP offices share common buildings in 26 EU capitals out of 28.
  • The European Public Spaces (EPS), created in 2007, further reinforced the collaboration by bringing these institutions more closely to the citizens via a common point of contact. The EPSs are communication hubs run jointly by the European Parliament Information Offices (EPIOs) and the Commission's Representations (Reps). The EPS promote also European cultural diversity and heritage via art exhibitions, literature nights and films screenings. The project currently covers 18 EU capitals.

How to submit your response

You can find the online consultation in all official languages here.