Period of consultation

10 February 2016 to 4 May 2016


Results of the consultation will be published on this page.

A report, to be published in the second half of 2016, will set out the conclusions and recommendations for the future generation of Europe Direct Information Centres (EDICs).

Target groups

All members of the public and organisations.


  • Seek public opinion on how EDICs are seen by the European public, and how they are used
  • Gather results which can be used to design the next generation of EDICs
  • Fulfil the criteria set out by the 2015 management plan of the Directorate-General for Communication, which anticipated a mid-term evaluation of the EDIC network. This evaluation was to be conducted by an external evaluation team, who would examine the performance, results and lessons learned from EDIC operations.


EDICs services provided

The network of some 500 walk-in EDICs is one of the main tools of the European Commission to engage with the public on EU-related topics at local and regional level. These centres are found in all EU Member States.

Their mission is to inform European citizens at local and regional level about the EU, referring them to specialised information sources and other services and networks. This information can cover the rights of EU citizens, the EU’s priorities, legislation, policies, programmes and funding opportunities.

EDICs also organise conferences and events and channel citizens' feedback to the EU.

Management and budget

  • Operated by host organisations selected through open calls for proposals managed by European Commission national representations.
  • Co-financed by the EU, with the remaining funding provided by the host organisations.
  • Annual budget for EDIC grants in 2015 amounted to €11,900,000.
  • Current network of EDICs (2013-17) is managed by the European Commission Directorate-General for Communication (DG COMM). It follows the first (2005-08) and second generation (2009-12).


DG Communication Unit C3 citizens' contact

Postal address
European Commission Directorate General for Communication Unit C3
Rue de la Loi 56
1049 Brussels


  • Planning and management documents19 July 2012Communication

    Work programme 2013 - communication activities

    2013 Commission decision concerning the adoption of the work programme in the field of communication, serving as a financing decision
  • Planning and management documents31 October 2013Communication

    Work programme 2014 - communication activities

    2014 Commission decision concerning the adoption of the work programme in the field of communication, serving as a financing decision
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