Import, customs and tariff rules

Rules and procedures for importers, EU tariff information, anti-dumping measures, the integrated system for managing licences (SIGL) for quota information. 

Import rules

Information for businesses on requirements for operating in the EU market, tariff information, rules of origin and other preferential arrangements, trade statistics.

EU tariffs and import measures

Find information on tariffs and other import measures for products imported into the EU.

Find EU tariffs, requirements for a product

Information on different aspects that affect customs duty on imports.

Calculation of customs duties - includes tariffs, rules of origin

EU trade defence policy, information and statistics about investigations actions against imports into the EU.

Actions against imports into the EU - including anti-dumping

Trade in fish, plant and food products

Fisheries agreements with non-EU countries, regional fisheries management, the international dimension of the common fisheries policy.

Trade in fisheries products and autonomous tariff quotas

EU rules and legislation for importing plant products into the EU, certificates for plant importers, exemptions from certificates.  

Trade in plants & plant products from non-EU countries

Documents and information on importing live animals and animal products into the EU, transit rules within the EU, health and safety rules.

Import conditions of food products

Information on mandatory EU procedures for border checks of live animal, food and feed imports.

Import controls on non-EU food and feed products