Quality of Survey Data

Household saving situation - evidence from the consumer survey according to household income in Albania Iris Metani (BOA - AL) Presentation Paper
Household income in the consumer survey in Slovenia Luka Zupanc (SORS-SI) Presentation Abstract Paper
A consistent BCS dataset for Ireland Bertrand Marc (European Commission) Presentation
Methodological issues on business tendency surveys and their impact on results – how does it look like in Poland? Olga Gaca (STAT – PL) Presentation Paper
An evaluation of the quantitative investment survey in Europe and a proposal for an alternative Klaus Wohlrabe (IFO – DE) Presentation Abstract
Uncertainty and change: survey evidence on firms' subjective beliefs Stefan Lautenbacher (IFO – DE) Presentation Paper
Proposal for a new survey question on uncertainty Roberta Friz (European Commission) Presentation
Publication of aggregate results for consumers' quantitative inflation estimates: analysis and conclusions of the task-force Bernhard Goldhammer (European Central Bank) Presentation

Special Topic: Productivity, labour market and price developments during and after the crisis – what can we learn from (sectoral) survey data?

Productivity developments during and after the financial crisis: what can we learn from the CBI's industrial trends survey data? Andreas Belegratis (CBI – UK) Presentation Abstract Paper
Productivity developments across sectors Andreas Reuter (European Commission) Presentation
Measuring multi-factor productivity: how can business tendency surveys help Michela Gamba (OECD) Presentation Abstract
Dynamics of perceived bank lending policy and credit market experience: evidence from a firm survey Werner Hölzl (WIFO – AT) Presentation Paper
Survey-based measures of supply pressures and potential output Adrien Lagouge (INSEE – FR)

New survey-based indicators

Producing a business climate indicator for Turkey Duygu KONUKÇU (CBRT – TR) Presentation Abstract
Using fat survey data to nowcast euro-area GDP growth Christian Gayer (European Commission Presentation
New consumer confidence indicators Roberta Friz (European Commission) Presentation
Does the inclusion of transport indicators enhance the performance of the CLIs? – the case of China Roberto Astolfi (OECD) Presentation Abstract Paper