Note: Past results for ‘factors limiting production’ in the industry and building surveys were revised for some countries and, as a consequence, also for the EU and euro area aggregates. The corrected data (last observation was collected in July 2021) is available here (total sectors) and here (subsector results). Fresh results will become available with the October release.

Latest update: Flash Consumer Confidence Indicator - 21 October 2021.
Next update: Press release business and consumer survey results (incl. ESI, EEI, sectoral CIs) - 28 October 2021.

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October 2021: Flash Consumer Indicator for EU and euro area

In October 2021, the DG ECFIN flash estimate of the consumer confidence indicator edged down in both the EU (0.9 points down) and the euro area (0.8 points down) compared to September 2021. At −6.1 points (EU) and −4.8 points (euro area), the indicator remains close to or above its pre-pandemic level in both regions.

September 2021: Economic Sentiment stable in the EU and the euro area, Employment Expectations further up

In September 2021, the Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI) remained unchanged in the EU (at 116.6) and broadly stable also in the euro area (+0.2 points to 117.8). The Employment Expectations Indicator (EEI) increased further (+1.0 point to 113.6 in the EU and +0.8 points to 113.6 in the euro area) reaching its highest level since summer/autumn 2018 in both areas.

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