• The €2 coin shows the portrait of the radical pacifist Bertha von Suttner, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1905. The edge lettering on the €2 coin is ‘2 EURO ***’, repeated four times, alternately upright and inverted.
  • The €1 coin shows the portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the famous Austrian composer, and his signature.
  • The 10, 20, and 50-cent coins depict architectural works in Vienna: the spires of St Stephen’s Cathedral (10 cent), a masterpiece of Viennese Gothic architecture; the Belvedere Palace (20 cent), a jewel of Austrian baroque style, and the ‘Sezession’ building in Vienna (50 cent), a symbol of Austrian modernism and the birth of a new era.
  • The 1, 2 and 5-cent coins show Alpine flowers representing Austria’s obligations and commitment to the environment: the gentian (1 cent); the edelweiss (2 cent), a traditional symbol of Austrian identity, and the primrose (5 cent).

Austrian euro coins have the particularity to show the face value on the national obverse side also.

€ 2

2 Euro Austria

€ 1

1 euro coin

50 cent

50 euro cent coin

20 cent

20 euro cent coin

10 cent

10 euro cent coin

5 cent

5 euro cent coin

2 cent

2 euro cent coin

1 cent

1 euro cent coin