Anti-counterfeiting measures

Counterfeiting and security were major considerations in the process of the design of coins and banknotes. In general overall levels of counterfeiting...

Legislation against euro-counterfeiting

To protect the euro in the euro area and beyond, EU legislation aims to ensure proper coordination of anti-counterfeiting measures between national authorities and adequate penalties for counterfeiters under national criminal law.

The European Technical and Scientific Centre (ETSC)

The European Technical and Scientific Centre is established within the Commission in Brussels to analyse and classify every new type of counterfeit coin.

Pericles 2020 programme – Exchanges, assistance & training

The Pericles 2020 programme funds staff exchanges, seminars, trainings and studies for law enforcement and judicial authorities, banks and...

Cooperation forums

A list and description of the main cooperation forums and expert groups on anti-counterfeiting.