Economic growth in Romania accelerated in 2017, with real GDP estimated to have grown by 6.7% (y-o-y) - a post-crisis high. The main driver of growth was private consumption, supported by indirect tax cuts and wage hikes both in the public and the private sectors. After contracting in 2016, total investment started to grow again in 2017. Its pace of recovery, however, remained subdued as public investment fell sharply for the second consecutive year. The boom in private consumption has led to an increase in imports. As a consequence, net exports have acted as a drag on real GDP growth, despite relatively strong export growth.

Indicators 2016 2017 2018 2019
GDP growth (%, yoy) 4,8 6,7 4,5 4,0
Inflation (%, yoy) -1,1 1,1 4,1 3,0


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