Assessments of Finland's stability programme

As required by the Stability and Growth Pact, each spring Finland submits a stability programme which presents an update of the medium-term fiscal strategy.

Based on an assessment by the Commission prepared by DG ECFIN, the Council adopts an opinion on the programme and country-specific recommendations in the scope of the European Semester.

Euro area Member States submit stability programmes while countries outside the euro area submit convergence programmes.

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The EU Excessive Deficit Procedure and Finland

Finland is currently not subject to an Excessive Deficit Procedure.

The Commssion published on 15 Nov 2013 a report prepared in accordance with Article 126(3) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

Draft budgetary plan

As required by the Two Pack, Finland submits its draft budgetary plan to the Commission by October 15 every year, prior to the adoption of the budget.