In Lithuania, a group of analysts based in the Economic Policy Unit of the Economic Development Department of the Ministry of Economy performs the function of a National Productivity Board. The main tasks of the analytical unit are:

  • to analyse developments and policies in the field of productivity and competitiveness, including their  main factors and drivers as  labour cost, investments, innovations and human capital
  • to make the analyses publicly available and publish an Annual Productivity Report
  • to perform other analytical tasks, such as regular assessment and publication of the Lithuanian Economic Review

The contact person representing the National Productivity Board in Lithuania is Darius Abazorius.

There will be regular inter-institutional consultations and consultations with stakeholders, including, regular discussions with other government institutions, business and science representatives and other relevant parties; discussions of the draft productivity report within the network of National Industrial Competitiveness Commission Industry 4.0, which brings together high-level representatives of the government, associations, industry and science.

Annual report

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