France’s National Productivity Board, the Conseil National de Productivité (CNP) was established on 23 June 2018. It is comprised of 11 independent academic economists and is chaired by Philippe Martin, professor of economics at Sciences Po and chair of the Council of Economic Analysis (CAE), an independent, non-partisan advisory body reporting to the French Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance. Each member is appointed for a period of two years, renewable.

The CNP is tasked with preparing an annual report and organizing consultations with trade unions and employer’s organizations prior to its final adoption. If necessary, the views of these organizations can be annexed to the report. Public consultations are also foreseen.

The members of the council are able to consult relevant institutions and public administrations to conduct research and to access useful material. The report is written in full independence from these institutions and administrations. The board is headquartered at France Stratégie (an independent public think tank affiliated with the Prime Minister's Office) which also provides the Secretariat.

Annual report

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