Economic analysis

Macro-financial assistance

Following a request by the Republic of Moldova, the European Commission adopted on 13 January 2017 a proposal for a Macro-Financial Assistance (MFA) programme of up to EUR 100 million, out of which up to EUR 40 million would be provided in grants and up to EUR 60 million in medium-term loans at favourable financing conditions. The new assistance is to be disbursed in three instalments and to complement the country’s IMF programme, approved on 7 November 2016.

The Decision providing macro-financial assistance to the Republic of Moldova was adopted by the European Parliament and the Council on 13 September 2017 and entered into force on 23 September.

All disbursements under the programme are tied to the political pre-conditions for MFA regarding the respect of democratic mechanisms, the rule of law and human rights, as well as to Moldova's track record under the IMF programme and the fulfilment of the specific policy conditions laid down in the Memorandum of Understanding. On 24 November 2017, the Commission, on behalf of the EU, and the Moldovan authorities signed the Memorandum of Understanding, which includes measures in areas such as public governance, financial sector governance, energy sector reforms and tackling corruption.

MFA 2010-2012

A previous MFA to the Republic of Moldova, amounting to EUR 90 million, all in grants, was successfully disbursed in three tranches in December 2010, September 2011 and April 2012.

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