Dealing with macroeconomic imbalances

Information on the aims and the implementation of the MIP as part of the EU's annual cycle of economic monitoring and guidance.

Relevant legislation

Information on the EU Regulations which form the legal basis for the macroeconomic imbalance procedure (MIP).

Alert mechanism report

Aims and results of the alert mechanism report (AMR). AMRs and statistical annexes divided by year.


Information on headline and auxiliary indicators included in the macroeconomic imbalance procedure scoreboard.

In-depth reviews

Information on aim and possible results of in-depth reviews (IDRs). In-depth review documents as from 2012.

Specific monitoring

Explanation and aims of specific monitoring. Reviews of the progress on policy measures divided by country.

Excessive imbalance procedure

Information relating to corrective action plans which may be imposed on countries under the excessive imbalance procedure (EIP).