Smysl evropského semestru

These goals should accompany the twin digital and climate transition and be structured around four dimensions: environmental sustainability, productivity, fairness, macroeconomic stability.

  • zajistit dobrý stav veřejných financí (zamezení nadměrnému schodku)
  • preventing excessive macroeconomic imbalances in the EU
  • supporting structural reforms, to create more jobs and growth
  • boosting investment

Úloha Komise

Each year, the Commission undertakes a detailed analysis of each Member States’ budgetary plan, its macroeconomic challenges and needs for structural reforms. It then provides EU governments with proposals for country-specific recommendations for the next 12-18 months.

Úloha Rady

The Council endorses and formally adopts the Commission proposals. 

Úloha členských států

National governments make policy decisions in response to the country-specific recommendations, based on whatever action they deem appropriate.