Employment rate

(% of population aged 20-64)

EU target: 75%

Gross domestic expenditure on research and development

(% of GDP)

EU target: 3%

Greenhouse gas emissions

(base year 1990)

EU target: 20% less compared to 1990 levels

Share of renewable energy

(% of gross final energy consumption)

EU target: 20 % from renewable sources

Energy efficiency

(Thousands tonnes of oil equivalent - TOE)

EU target: 1483 toe

Early leavers from education and training

(% of population aged 18–24)

EU target: <10% drop-out rate

Tertiary education attainment

(% of population aged 30-34)

EU target: >40% having completed tertiary education

Poverty and social exclusion

(% of total population)

EU target: 20 million less people at risk of poverty or exclusion