Changes to the 2021 European Semester cycle

The European Semester will be temporarily adapted to coordinate it with the Recovery and Resilience Facility (the Facility). The publication of the Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy launched this year's cycle and fully continues last year’s growth strategy based on the European Green Deal and the concept of competitive sustainability.

Semester slide

  • Member States are encouraged to submit national reform programmes and recovery and resilience plans in a single integrated document → These plans will provide an overview of the reforms and investments that Member States will undertake in line with the objectives of the Facility.
  • Commission’s assessments of the substance of the recovery and resilience plans → These documents will replace the European Semester country reports in 2021.
  • Country-specific recommendations only on budgetary situation → There will be no structural country-specific recommendations in 2021 for those Member States that will have submitted recovery and resilience plans.
  • The Commission will continue to monitor and assess the risk of macroeconomic imbalances during the new Semester cycle, with a focus on emerging risks caused by the coronavirus crisis.