Conference on "The Social Dimension of EU integration"

This top-level event was organised by the Czech Republic Government office as part of the National Convention (@KonventEU), a series of monthly events aimed at developing the Czech position on a number of EU-related issues. This particular event centred on the discussions related to the social dimension of EU integration, in the wider context of reforming the Economic and Monetary Union. The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic, Marksova-Tominova, and Commissioner Thyssen delivered introductory speeches.

The conference was attended by a broad range of representatives from government institutions, social partners, professional associations as well as senior economic analysts from think-tanks and academia. The programme included sessions focusing on:

  • The strategic dimension of euro area accession;
  • Macroeconomic conditions for euro adoption; and
  • The euro and the Czech Republic. 

Commissioner Thyssen elaborated on the European pillar of social rights, in a new "globalised" world and stressed the importance of social issues in the process of EMU reform. She also set out key social and employment challenges in the Czech Republic. The Czech interlocutors focussed particularly on the EMU's social dimension and the relationship between euro area and non-euro area Member States in the development of EMU.