Working Group on Future of EMU

In Madrid, the European Commission Representation welcomed participants to a half-day working group on completing the Economic and Monetary Union and how it affects the Spanish economy.

All participants were high-level economists and political scientists, experts in this field. They represented the public institutions, academia, research institutes, think tanks and social partners.

The discussion was largely based on the 5 Presidents' report on Completing Europe's Economic and Monetary Union, highlighting the measures required in the first two stages of deepening the EMU. A panel discussion took place on a Fiscal Union, with presentations by experts from the Bank of Spain and the President of Airef (Spanish IFI). A second panel on Economic Union followed, with a presentation by a lead expert from Real Instituto Elcano. Finally, an expert from the National Research Institute (CSIC) introduced the discussion on a Political Union. A discussion also took place on a Financial Union, including a Capital Markets Union.