Stakeholder seminar:  The deepening of EMU – a Swedish perspective

In Stockholm, the European Commission Representation, in co-operation with the think tank, Sieps, welcomed high-level speakers and 100 participants to a half-day seminar on EMU deepening, including in the Swedish perspective. The seminar featured presentations by the European Commission's Chief Economic Analyst, Mr Philipp Rother, and Mr Mario Nava from the European Commission's Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets. Among Swedish stakeholders, State Secretary Karolina Ekholm represented the government, alongside the Director-General of the Financial Supervisory Authority and the CEO of the Swedish Bankers' Association. The seminar was attended by representatives from government departments and public authorities, other public institutions and social partner organisations, financial sector organisations, academia and civil society.

The seminar addressed issues and challenges related to EMU deepening in general and its relationship with Sweden as a Member State outside the euro area. Several topics in the Five Presidents' Report on Completing Europe's Economic and Monetary Union were covered, including the overall EMU architecture, institutional strengthening and democratic accountability.