Investment services and regulated markets - Markets in financial instruments directive (MiFID)

EU laws aimed at making financial markets more efficient, resilient and transparent, and at strengthening the protection of investors.

Short selling

EU rules regulating short selling and certain aspects of credit default swaps


Commission proposal to free up capital for economic growth through simple, transparent and standardised securitisation.

Securities prospectus

EU rules on the information that must be provided by companies that want to attract investors, raise capital and finance their growth.

Ensuring the integrity of securities markets

EU laws aimed at ensuring the integrity of securities markets, including rules on financial benchmarks and safeguards against market abuse.

Investor compensation schemes

EU rules to compensate investors when investment firms fail to return their assets.

Transparency requirements for listed companies

Under EU rules, issuers of securities on regulated markets must disclose certain key information to ensure transparency for investors.

SME listing on public markets

EU initiatives to make it easier for SMEs to raise capital on public markets