Your consumer rights

EU rules on consumer credit are designed to strengthen your consumer rights and to help you make an informed choice if you sign up to a credit agreement.  

Before you sign an agreement, the lender must

  • give you standardised information to make it easy for you to compare offers
  • tell you the annual percentage rate of charge (APR) – this tells you the total cost of the credit

You can cancel the agreement within 14 days of signing. You can also repay the loan or credit at any time.

EU consumer credit law

REFIT Evaluation of the Consumer Credit Directive

Study conducted on the current legal framework of the Consumer Credit Directive and its fitness for purpose, via an assessment of its effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, coherence, EU added value and potential for simplification and burden reduction.

DownloadPDF - 5.3 MB

Study on the over-indebtedness of European households

Updated mapping of the situation, nature and causes, effects and initiatives for alleviating its impact.

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