The withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union implies the need to make sure that the future EU27 legal framework is and remains fully operational after the withdrawal. The proposed measures are specific, limited and targeted at remedying the negative impact of a disorderly withdrawal or at enabling the necessary adaptation of the legislation.

Citizens and stakeholders may share their views on the Commission’s initiatives in preparation through the Better Regulation portal:


Title of the initiativeCommission proposal/ActAdoption procedure
Relocation of the European Medicines Agency29/11/2017 - COM(2017)735procedure file
Relocation of the European Banking Authority29/11/2017 - COM(2017)734procedure file
Car type-approval04/06/2018 - COM(2018)397procedure file
Apportionment of tariff rate quotas22/05/2018 - COM/2018/312procedure file
Ship inspection01/08/2018 - COM/2018/567procedure file
Realignment of the North Sea – Mediterranean Core Network Corridor01/08/2018 - COM/2018/568procedure file
Energy efficiency13/11/2018 - COM(2018)744Procedure file
Visas13/11/2018 - COM(2018)745Procedure file
Territorial cooperation on the island of Ireland

19/12/2018 – COM(2018)892

Air transport (basic connectivity)

19/12/2018 – COM(2018)893

Air transport (safety)

19/12/2018 – COM(2018)894 - Annex

Road transport (basic connectivity)

19/12/2018 - COM(2018)895

EU general export authorisation (dual use items)19/12/2018 - COM(2018)891 
Hydrofluorocarbons (reference values)

17/12/2018 – C(2018)8801

Implementing act
Hydrofluorocarbons  (reporting)

14/12/2018 – C(2018)8575 - Annex

Implementing act
Equivalence decision UK CCPs

19/12/2018 – C(2018)9139

Implementing act
Equivalence decision UK CSDs

19/12/2018 – C(2018)9138

Implementing act
Geographical breakdowns levels (balance of payments)

19/12/2018 – C(2018)8872 - Annex

Delegated act
Regulatory technical standards (clearing)

19/12/2018 – C(2018)9122

Delegated act
Regulatory technical standards (margins)

19/12/2018 – C(2018)9118

Delegated act
Time limit lodging export declarations (UK seas)

19/12/2018 – C(2018)9094

Delegated act