Know your rights

Everyone has the right to respect for his or her physical and mental integrity.

In the fields of medicine and biology, the following must be respected in particular:

  • the free and informed consent of the person concerned, according to the procedures laid down by law
  • the prohibition of eugenic practices, in particular those aiming at the selection of persons
  • the prohibition on making the human body and its parts as such a source of financial gain
  • the prohibition of the reproductive cloning of human beings

This right is enshrined in article 3 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

What to do if your rights have been breached

The authorities of EU countries are bound to comply with the Charter of fundamental rights only when implementing EU law. Fundamental rights are protected by your country's constitution.

How to report a breach of your rights

How to report a breach of your rights

Addressing your complaint to the relevant national authority, government, national courts or a specialised human rights body.

Chapter 1 of the EU Charter of fundamental rights is on dignity. This chapter also contains the following rights